Robert Hepler
Senior Consultant


Robert Hepler enhances The Meridian Group’s real estate and financial acumen via his wide range of real estate and finance experiences over a 25 year career. Mr. Hepler has (1) acquired, managed and added value to distressed real estate; (2) acquired and worked out non-performing real estate loans; and (3) financed real estate. He has done so with sensitivity to legal issues arising from his legal education.

Prior to joining The Meridian Group, over a 15-year period, Mr. Hepler managed and directed a series of private limited partnerships that underwrote, financed, acquired, rehabilitated, re-positioned, leased and sold over 2.4 million square feet of distressed commercial real estate. This experience included not only broad property strategic positioning, but also supervising the day-to-day tenant retention, leasing, re-design, rehabilitation, zoning compliance and construction processes.

Prior to that, via private partnerships, Mr. Hepler managed the acquisition of almost $100 million of non-performing loans, secured by a wide variety of real estate throughout the United States, including residential, multi-family, office, hotel and retail assets. Mr. Hepler directed the underwriting and acquisition of those loans; borrower negotiations; restructuring or disposition of some loans; and the foreclosure on, rehabilitation of and sale of the assets securing other loans.

Mr. Hepler began his real estate career at Aldrich, Eastman and Waltch (“AEW,” now AEW Capital), a Boston based pension fund and university endowment real estate advisor with then $5 billion under management. He served for seven years and became a Vice-President. AEW specialized in innovative financings, including preferred return, participating, convertible, debt/equity hybrids and real return mortgages. Mr. Hepler underwrote and directed the investment of client funds in various property types, including a $120 million master limited partnership financing of limited service hotels. The partnership interests were convertible into the publicly traded securities of the borrower, a major hotel company.

Mr. Hepler developed an understanding of corporate strategy and finance during three years at Bain & Company, a business strategy management consulting firm.

His education includes a Master of International Law from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium; a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Duke University.

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