Navigating companies through uncharted waters
Navigating companies through uncharted waters
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The Meridian Group is an award-winning consulting firm offering clients an extensive range of services, including turnaround, critical management, middle-market mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, management consulting, due diligence, government sector financial analysis, and other financial advisory services.

Since 1988, Meridian has served hundreds of clients from closely-held businesses to large publicly traded corporations across the country.

Turnaround Management Association
Turnaround of the Year Award Winner for 2006

For their incredible work with R. G. Barry, two principals of Meridian have been awarded TMA's 2006 Turnaround of the Year Award for Mid-Sized Companies.

Meridian Featured in TIME magazine
Read about Meridian's stunning work for the Dearforms® slipper company and the amazing obstacles it had to overcome.

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