About Meridian
About Meridian

We maximize shareholder value by navigating the sea of financial opportunity.

The Meridian Group is a private investment banking and management consulting firm, which was founded in 1988. We specialize in providing mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, management consulting, and corporate workout/turnaround management services to our commercial clients. We have acted in the capacity of Court appointed Receiver, and as Liquidation Agent for a Court appointed Trustee. For our government clients, we provide a variety of financial services ranging from financial statement analysis to asset management.

Our commercial clients are typically middle-market businesses with sales between $10 million and $500 million. They encompass a wide range of industries including; manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and service.

The foundation of Meridian’s success is a constant attention to detail, a focused approach to solving the problems of our clients, a commitment to results, and the ability to pull from our depth of knowledge. Over the years, we have gained an enviable reputation as being a premier boutique investment-banking firm. We are recognized for our thoroughness, financial expertise, negotiating skills, presentation expertise, and the ability to quickly assess and address the obstacles impeding our client’s success.

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